My daughter attended the Green Apple Daycare for over two and a half years.  She loved the center and the kids and the teachers.  
The center had a different weekly topic which was a lot of fun and my daughter learned very interesting things. Whether is was about animals, planets or countries she was thrilled to be learning about such fun things.  The daily art projects was one of her favorite things and we at home displayed them proudly.  The playroom was amazing and having outside time daily was great excerise. The centre taught her to be more caring, sharing and it helped get her ready for kindergarten.  She still talks about the teachers and the fun things she did there.  We are so happy that she was able to be in a care center with such a positive outcome.  Thank-you Green Apple! From one happy parent and even a happier child.

Tracy B ‚Äč

Although we have only been a part of Green Apple Daycare for a short time, in our time with them they have had a huge impact in our son's life. This was his first experience with Daycare and the wonderful teachers at Green Apple Daycare have helped him settle in and become comfortable having me leave him there during the day. Jeanette was always available to discuss concerns or worries i had about Daycare and the teachers were always there to greet us on arrival and help with difficult goodbyes. They even managed to get our son to nap in the afternoons a fete that my husband and i had not been able to achieve for a while :) We have loved our time at Green Apple Daycare. Thank you Jeanette and the staff.

I wanted to take the time to write in to say what a wonderful daycare I think Green Apple Daycare is.  I have had the privilege of all 3 of my children growing up in this wonderful facility.  The quality of care and the level of caring that is displayed, exceeded every expectation that I ever had.  My kids came home incredibly happy and with a newfound knowledge everyday.  Thank you Green Apple Daycare for assisting in establishing the important foundation that I believe is important for young children to have before moving forward into our school system.  I will always recommend you as the top Daycares in town.
Thanks again


I am a mom of 3 children who understands how important the environment your children are surrounded by and the impact it has on  their healthy growth and development! My children have all attended, with one still currently attending Green Apple Daycare and it offers all a parent could hope for in an all in one program!! The staff are all so loving and warm, the environment is beautiful, stimulating and clean, and the program is well rounded with lots of learning in a fun, child friendly way. The activities include such a wide variety of fun and experience, as well as a good balance of both indoor and outdoor play! I would highly recommend this daycare to anyone and would be confident that any child would benefit in every way spending their days with Green Apple!!

Lisa Coomer