"Our daughter has been with Green apple for over a year. She loves it...!! The staff are great; professional, informative, caring and provide a great atmosphere for both learning and play. Their curriculum continues to be varied and new introducing creative ideas and songs etc. We would recommend green apple to anyone looking for reliable and safe daycare". 
Catherine and Clive Davison

I am proud to be one of the first families to have enrolled in Green Apple Daycare, Port Moody. My son and daughter joined in 2008 when they first opened the facility. From the moment I walked through the doors I was impressed with the bright and cheery atmosphere, the care provided by the staff and the fantastic program they have in place to support the social and educational growth of the children. Nikki and Miho were fantastic, taking an active role with the children and really getting to know each and every one of them.
     My children graduated from the daycare in 2010. Recently, I enrolled my third child in Green Apple. I was thrilled to discover that Nikki and Miho were still with the facility. I was equally delighted to meet Andrea who is a fantastic addition to the team. She immediately welcomed my son and assisted him with the difficult transition into daycare. He is now fully integrated and thoroughly enjoys each and every day he attends.
     I know there are many daycares in the Tri-City area to choose from, but the consistency of the team at Green Apple, the quality of care and the supportive and nurturing environment makes this daycare, in my opinion, the best choice.

Kathleen Cummins

I can definately endorse Green Apple Daycare. My 4 year old son, Charlie, comes home each day, singing a new song, or sharing a special anecdote from his day. I have been able to get to know each of the caregivers a little bit, and with the drop offs and pick ups, I appreciate the genuineness, the kindness, that each exudes. I know how busy and hectic it must be to work at a daycare, and I appreciate so much the many loving things that the staff at Green Apple do. It makes me feel good when Charlie runs off in the morning and I have to call him back for a hug, because he is excited to go play and learn with his friends there. Thank you to everyone at Green Apple, for safely and kindly nurturing my son. I am very grateful for the special environment you provide.
Zoe Hamilton

​"My daughter Holly has attended Green Apple for 2 years, we LOVE our Green Apple and the staff is amazing! Since I can't be a full time mother its peaceful knowing my daughter is being raised by kind, loving, intelligent group of women at Green Apple. My daughter has learner the most amazing things and really looks forward to there weekly science experiments and yoga class. The facility is HUGE an amazing amount of space indoors and outdoors. The Huge fenced backyard is her favourite also! many daycares I toured had next to NO outdoor space and Green Apple has a huge area for the children. I lover everything about Green Apple and the staff and would recommend Green Apple Daycare to any family in the community"

Bonnie C.