Hours of Operation 
Coquitlam location 6:30am - 6pm

​Port Moody location 7:00am - 6pm

​Preschool hours (coquitlam location) 9:30 to 1:30

Before and After School age (coquitlam location) 6:30-9 & 3-6pm

Parents provide healthy morning snack and lunch. Daycare will provide Healthy afternoon snack based on Canadian Food Guide, children will have access to fresh water all day.   With the exception of a special occasions, junk foods will not be served. Parents are asked to refrain from sending such foods as chocolate bars, candies, or gum.

As the children will be going outside every day, all children must have an extra set of clothing to be kept at the daycare. This should include a pair of pants, shirt, socks, and underwear. Clothing and outside wear should be appropriate for the weather. Summer essentials include a sun hat and sunscreen. Winter essentials include mittens/gloves, hat, scarf, boots, rain pants and snowsuit. Please Label all your childs clothing. 

              Items children are required to bring to daycare:

​          *  Water Bottle (labelled)   
              *  Slippers or indoor shoes
              *  One complete change of clothing.​

              * Diapers, pull ups and wipes (if applicable)

              *  Blanket and crib fitted crib sheet for nap time  (if applicable)

              *  Rain Pants (waterproof if possible) and Rain Boots (labelled to be left at daycare )