Circle Time ( learning time) weekly preschool themes, themed story, felt board stories, songs, interactive learning and games, music and movement ... Learn calander (days of week, months),and much, much more...




Washroom, Wash hands, toilet time ready for nap time

Quiet free- Playtime for Non-Napers (art /crafts) /    Nap Time for the  Nappers  

 1:30 pm
Science Experiments, Yoga, Special Art Projects, Free play time, small group activites , teacher directed learning activities, games and much more :) 

3:00pm   snack time 

3:10pm   ​outdoor time 
Indoor/Outdoor Free Play (depending on seasoned daylight)

Special Day Projects, Puppet shows,  Music and Movement  .. much more 

Lots of  Extra activities such as  walking fieldtrips to library, local playgrounds , Beach Days (port Moody location), Nature Walks, Como Lake walk and much more 



6:30 am

Breakfast , Indoor Free Play ( puzzles, cars, blocks, dress up, sand/water table etc..)

8:30 am

Arts and Crafts

9:30 am

Transition Circle time:  Phonics, Letters, singing, story, games, music and movement ect...

9:45 am

Snack Time ( wash hands )

10:10 am

Outside Play Time

11:20 am

Come inside, wash hands