Washroom, Wash hands, toilet time ready for nap time
Quiet free- Playtime for Non-Napers (art /crafts) /    Nap Time for the  Nappers  
1:30 pm
Science Experiments, Yoga, Special Art Projects, Free play time, small group activites , teacher directed learning activities, games and much more :) 

 Snack time 
​3:10pm to close 

 ​Outdoor time 
Indoor/Outdoor Free Play (depending on seasoned daylight)

Special Day Projects, Puppet shows,  Music and Movement  .. much more 

Lots of  Extra activities: such as  walking field trips to library, local playgrounds , Beach Days Port Moody location, Nature Walk and much more ....

Circle Time

weekly preschool themes, stories, felt board stories, songs, interactive learning and games, music and movement , fun with science and much, much more...



Lunch time ​

Breakfast , Indoor Free Play ( puzzles, cars, blocks, dress up, sand/water table etc..)
8:30 am
Arts and Crafts
9:30 am
Transition Circle time:  Phonics, Letters, singing, story, games, music and movement ect...
9:45 am
Snack Time ( wash hands )
10:10 am
Outside Play Time
11:20 am
Come inside, wash hands