Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

Welcome to Green Apple Preschool. We are pleased to
welcome you and your child to an exciting and rewarding year at preschool.

The staff at Green Apple Preschool is committed to “Providing a happy and healthy environment for the growth, learning and enjoyment of your child”.


Jeanette Henderson 

owner Green Apple  

Our Program ​ is designed to meet the many needs of your child. Circle timegives your child the opportunity to think and grow intellectually with weekly themes, songs, stories and interactive learning activities. We not just offer music and movement classes but we experiment with science, as well, we also create Arts & Crafts with a wide range of materials. We foster your child’s physical development by providingoutdoor play in which the children are able to run, jump, climb, balance etc. We use peg boards, puzzles, threading, pasting, paint, pencils and many other activities that encourage fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination. Our program will help your child learn and grow at his/her own pace.  We encourage creatingfriendships, sharing the joy ofdiscoveringand taking pride in theiraccomplishments. We hope your experience with preschool will be a fulfillingandhappy one.