Our son began attending Green Apple at the age of 2 ½ after being in a home daycare.  Almost immediately we noticed many positive changes under the care and through the learning environment provided by Green Apple.  He began talking about new things, new experiences and his new friends.  We cannot say enough about the teachers at Green Apple.  They made not only our son but each and every child feel loved and important.  We were very sad when it was time to leave.

Monica Hamm

Hello ladies! 

As every parent can understand, there is nothing more important than the well-being and safety of your child, and my husband and I believe that Green Apple Daycare provides an extension of these important things when our son is in their care. We appreciate how the Green Apple staff make such an effort to listen and support our whole family ranging from assisting with our son's health issue to providing a fun and educational curriculum.  And if our son enjoys going to Green Apple, that is more than enough reassurance that it is the right place for him.


I would like to sincerely thank you for all of your care and support for Sadie.  She started Green Apple when she was only 3 and stayed until the beginning of Kindergarten.  Even though she only came a few days a week it didn't take long for her to feel like part of the 'family'.  I noticed after starting daycare that she really grew up a lot.  She starting speaking more clearly and was listening much better.  I think daycare really gave her an opportunity to interact with kids her age (only child at the time) and also learn about sharing, patience and obeying rules.  Sadie really enjoyed playing outside with her friends and doing arts and crafts.  She always had a lot to say when she would tell me about her day.  Sadie was beyond ready for Kindergarten.  She is excelling in all areas of full time school this year.  She really knows how to have fun with the other kids without ever getting into trouble and always listening. 
Sadie really loved Nikki, Miho, Melanie and Misha and will still talk about them once in a while.  When it was time to leave we really really missed Green Apple and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a fun loving and nurturing environment for their kids. Thanks again for everything!

Dale, Sara & Sadie Isfeld
(and baby Easton too)