I have a degree of Bachelor in Elementary Education in my country. 
I love working with children, exploring and being creative.

​I believe every teacher should be committed to develop relationships of mutual trust with families.  I respect the dignity of each family, each family’s child rearing values and their right to make decisions for their children.  Teachers will guide a child’s progress and help families to understand and appreciate the value of development appropriate easy children programs. 
I know ECE teachers play such an important part of a child’s life.  I am committed to doing my best with all children and loving them.  I give all my best everyday to my career and value the role and impression I play in a child’s heart. 

Rowena Maranan 

 ECE Teacher 

 I’m passionate about providing quality early child care and education to the young children. I strongly believe that a stimulating early child care environment is pivotal in establishing a quality learning experience for children. I feel privileged to be working with a fantastic team if committed professional teachers.

Sharara Negrabee

ECE Teacher

I've been working for over 7 years at Green Apple Daycare.  I enjoy my profession as a daycare teacher because as a mother of four I take pride in the care and education of children.  Over the years I've learnt new ways to accommodate  to the needs of  individual children.  My teaching style is based on the principle that every child learns uniquely and in turn teaching a large group of different aged children requires a highly dynamic approach, much like the values of Green Apple Daycare. 

I started in the ECE field just days after graduating high school in 1999 and I've been loving every moment. I've taught in preschool, after school care, infant/toddler and of course group care programs. I met Jeanette during one of my Douglas college practicums in 2002.  I absolutely love working with children. They make everyday something new and exciting. Their imagination and zest for life is infectious. Everyday is a new adventure and I'm unbelievably grateful to be having these adventures at Green Apple Daycare. 

Lesley Poland, Supervisor

​ECE Teacher 

Teresa Manhas 

ECE Teacher