I believe children learn best through play and exploring the world around them. My philosophy is to nurture children with an environment that is warm, inviting, and that provides them with opportunities for intellectual growth and development.
Respectful, positive energy , patience, love and caring is an environment I believe in so that a child will feel loved and supported to have fun and to learn how to be their best self. I love making a special connection with each child and his/her family.

ā€‹I'm a single mother of one daughter and a home full of wonderful companion animals. 
I have always loved children and animals from an early age and always knew Iā€™d work with both throughout my lifetime. 
I have worked with children in volunteer positions the last 17 years in PPP preschool, elementary school, girl guides and I have been an instructor in equine, dance and sports camps. 

When my daughter became older I realized how much I missed working with younger children. I decided that it was time that i work in daycare as my full time career. Working with and teaching children has always been a joy for me. Children are smart, loving, compassionate, capable little human beings. Children are curious about the world around them and are full of great insight on how they view the world. Helping guide them through their curiosity of the world either through making art, painting, circle time, gardening, exploring, play, snack time or story time has always been a delight for me. 

Ilika Smith

ECEA Teacher 

I've been working at Green Apple Daycare for the past 2 years. I have a passion for providing quality childcare.  I believe that a stimulating environment is pivotal in establishing a quality learning experience for young children.  

        Beth Cajanada

ā€‹         ECEA Teacher

Devon Burrows

ECE Teacher, Supervisor