Vila Abdi

ECE Teacher 

 I believe children learn best through play and exploring the world around them. My philosophy is to nurture children with an environment that is warm, inviting, and that provides them with opportunities for intellectual growth and development.
Respectful, positive energy , patience, love and caring is an environment I believe in so that a child will feel loved and supported to have fun and to learn how to be their best self. I love making a special connection with each child and his/her family.


ECE Teacher 

 I have a passion for providing quality childcare.  I believe that a stimulating environment is pivotal in establishing a quality learning experience for young children.  

I love my job and working with young children.

In 2009 I moved from Iran to Canada then Perth, Australia where I began my studies at the College of Tafe to become an ECE Teacher. 
When returning to Canada I completed my studies of Early Childhood Education at Vancouver Career College. 
I really enjoy working with children. Working in child care is a great chance for me to do what I love. I enjoy building relationships with children, discovering their individual characters and interests, and sharing in inquiry-based learning with them.I look forward in getting to know you all.

​Hello my name is Eleanora I came to Canada in 1986 from El Salvador. My home language is Spanish I am married and have two children and two grandchildren. When I’m not working I enjoy long nature walks with my husband, reading and cross stitching. I am very passionate about working with children. I understand for a child to be happy and healthy they need a caring nurturing and safe environment, that will allow them to learn about themselves and the world around them. I also understand that children need encouragement, acceptance and a sense of accomplishment and guidance. Helping to fulfil these need is my ultimate goal.

        Beth Cajanada

​         ECEA Teacher

Devon Burrows

ECE Teacher, Supervisor